Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Plight of archeological sites and antiquities?

The death tool has crossed 30000 mark after a devastating earthquake in Pakistan.Bulidings and roads are broken apart.Both local and foregin news agencies are concentrating on the coverage of rescue operations.Non till now (to my knowledge) reported about the archeological sites and buildings.

Indus Valley is a cradle for one of the world's oldest civilizations.Also there are sculptures of Budhhist period in NWFP and in Afganistan (one such was demolished my Talibans).The plight of them after the earthquake are unknow.

Also the plight of museums and antiquities remains a mystrey. Importance must be given to protect these the acheological treasures.If proper care is not taken certain section of people (who well know the value of antiquities in world market) would loot everything they could (as happend in Baghdad).

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