Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Expanding urban areas and environmental impact

In recent months there has been unprecedented heavy rains in urban areas.Few months back Mumbai received heavy rain which is a record high (nearly 100cm in 24hrs).This is an extreme case.Met. records say this is the highest in past 90 years.Few days back there has been heavy downpours in Chennai(>25cm in 24hrs).Again this is the highest in the decade.

Why rains target urban areas? Researchers in Spain has got the answer.They say it is the concrete structures that bring such heavy rainfall to urban.They are now planning to built concrete structures on the outskirts of the towns in the dry ares of Spain.

In Indian cities ever increasing concrete structures bring extremely heavy rainfall.Indian cities are poorly planned to manage anything of this sort.If alternatives are not taken we will be seeing the pictures like this year after year.

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