Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Park outside Cuddalore General Hospital

Short lived the fortune of the park outside Cuddalore General Hospital.Setting up this park was one of the earliest measures taken by the District Administrator Mr.Gagandeep Singh Bedi to beautify Cuddalore.In less than a years time the park has gone unattended.Now even the potective structures are broken.

The park was setup and maintained (?) by Tagros Chemicals.The park once used to be watered regularly.As you see,the arrow pointing the hose-pipe (which was used to water the plants there) remains unattended for months together.

Now the lawn there became a resting ground for the auto-rickshaw drivers of the nearby auto stand.They convene there for a gossip.

In few months time remaining plants and the lawn will dry up and the demolished structures will remain to tell the story of a glorious past.


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. I was born and brought up in Cuddalore, though I am currently studying in North India. Just happened to get here when I typed Cuddalore on google. Though I am not too sure what you are trying to achieve by this blog (no offence meant), its quite nice to be able to read n see all this news about Cuddalore. Helps relieve the homesickness I feel sometimes! Anyway, keep up the good work.

Jean-Claude said...

Hello Anita nice to see your comment.Visit the blog often as I update it on regular intervals.You can also subscribe to the CuddaloreOnline eNewsletters.You can do this by just typing in your email id in the box provided above the 'Subscribe' button (in the right column of the blog).

This morning I had problems in aligining the photos and acidentlly I have posted twice on the same issue.So I had to remove the one in which you have originally commented.I have to just copied and posted your comment to a earlier post on issue.I apologize for the inconvenience.

Take Care...

Anonymous said...

Hi jean,

Thank you for your good work... I was searcing some blog about Cuddalore, finally I got one.

I was very very upset over many many things, especially the bus stops and public toilets.

The bus stop is a bully's corner, especially during working days, too many rougues and too many stalls, god know whether its a bus stop or a S--t pit...

The municipality is ruled by someone who is funding for some Traffic lights projects, bla bla bla to popularise themselfs, their organisation, and a lots of greedy workers (I heard, seen and came across...), workers in the Municipality.

But, its gods grace that we got a good collector, who is taking good actions at time he needs to react. But again, we have to be proactive in NOT Distrubing the public. This the collector have to know also, good man he admitted his wife in the GH for her labor. he would have thought people are loitering there instead of thinking there is a bus stop over there (LOL).

But my many thanks to him for his actions....May god bless his child...

Padali said...

Hi Ananmous,

Thanks for the comments, also, the traffic police is doing a good works too, but still the private buses are running inside the city like a hell fire!!.

They thinks they are rulers of the road. Hey U private buses, pls. remember you all can be screwd up oneday, that one day, all your current riots will become a past frozen, faded dirty nasty histroy!!!

Also, not to forgotten, those accidents and incidents created by the Govt. operated buses.