Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Cuddalore - Pondicherry connection

There was already a proposal to connect Cuddalore and Pondicherry through rails.But it seems to been in cold storage for years together.

Recently a friend of mine told me that the work is to begin by mid 2007.I was really happy to know that but it did not post about that for I could not confirm it(even now as type this I could not confirm it).

He also told me that,they are to connect Chennai and Pondicherry and thus a link between Chennai and Cuddalore.He expressed his fear that all the train to Chennai would start only from Pondicherry and not from Cuddalore, and only connecting train from Cuddalore would start from Cuddalore to Pondicherry.

This is a fear worth it.If implemented this way,people from Cuddalore would not get the fullest benefit of the service.

Consider this case of a man travelling from Cuddalore to Chennai.His first phase of journey from Cuddalore to Pondicherry would take around 30 minutes and then his must start his second phase of his journey in another train.There would be atleast a 20 minutes gap between the trains,and the second train (Pondicherry<->Chennai) would would reach Chennai after a journey of around 2 hours (assuming 80km/hr).So here is take around 3 hours(30mins+20-30mins+2 hrs) on total to travel from Cuddalore to Chennai.

If a direct train had started from Cuddalore(to Chennai) it would have taken only 2 hours time(assuming 80km/hr).Thus saving 1 hour.

This difference in time would increase if the travelling speed is less than 80km/hr.Business people with huge volume to luggages would suffer the most.The kind of service would highly benefit Pondicherry compared to Cuddalore.Pondicherry would attain even higher developement rate(as the service would greatly help business people) in comparison with Cuddalore.

This acceleration in Pondicherry's developement would lead to Cuddalore's economic backwardness(may be for ever).


SLN said...


Just to say hi. When I came across this blog sometime back, I was plesantly surprised and had mentioned your blog in my blog.

Good work and I hope at least some concerned authorities look at the issues you mention. I am from Chennai and have been to Cuddalore a couple of times just to have a feel for the town.

A couple of requests.

1) Can you include some photos of the town
2) I am posting some writeup on various TN Cities. Could you contribute information about Cuddalore.

Sorry for the long comment


Anonymous said...

This is the first time i visit u r blog.I too like to share some thing about our Cuddalore.I feel the new born bridge is utilised to its lowest.It may worth more if it has been joining the ever-busy road near railway gate(Krisnalaya-thiruthiripuliur).But this effort had gone in vain due to the political and commercial disturbances.