Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Railway Ministry's medal for bravery

Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable B Deshi, attached to the Chennai Division of the RPF, has been selected for Railway Minister's medal for bravery for the year 2005.

Mr.Deshi is a native of Cuddalore.Mr Deshi was selected for saving the life of four persons at Devanampatnam seashore in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, during the Tsunami on December 26 last.

It is said that Cuddalore District Collector Mr. Gagan Deep Singh Bedi wrote a letter to RPF Inspector General, Chennai, lauding the bravery of Mr Deshi for his courage and the IG recomended Mr Deshi's name for Railway Minister's Bravery medal, the sources said adding that the medal also carried a cash reward of Rs 20,000.


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