Saturday, October 22, 2005

P.T.Usha in Cuddalore

Couple of days back P.T.Usha was in Cuddalore for selecting girl athletes for Project Suvarna a sport-centred initiative of the Fair & Lovely Foundation.Selected athletes get an opportunity to be trained by Usha at Usha School Athletics,Calicut.

The selection trials was proposed to be held at Madurai, Coimbatore and Cuddalore and Chennai.

The selection was already held in Chennai.It is really encouraging to know there were 750 participants from Cuddalore as againt 500 in Chennai which is atleast 20 times larger in terms of area and 25 times larger in terms of population.She said many athletes could not shine for want of proper coaching and sponsorship.She was amazed by the huge participation here.

The selected girls from each city would be given kits worth Rs. 5,000 and would be made to train under their coach for certain period of time and their progress would be monitored.

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